Kazzue Grey Contacts

Kazzue Grey Contacts

Colored contacts add unique value to your fashion accessories. More than 70% of people chosen color contacts not just they are having blur vision but also  complement their unique personality with a pair of color lens. 

If you are looking for grey contacts, then you are in the right place. Grey eye is an extremely rare color for natural irises. According to the research, estimated that only 3% of the population has grey eyes on the planet earth. It's no surprise that grey contacts being one of the most well-loved colored lenses among other colored lenses. Grey contacts look flattering on most of the skin tones and bring natural looking. No matter you are having light or dark eyes, Kazzue grey contacts able to help you transform your eyes into a cool smoky grey eyes and mysterious look.


Kazzue contacts able to fully cover and blend wells on light and dark eyes, we are using the best pigmentation to make sure you get a lens with vivid color and complete eye coverage. Kazzue provides several designs, from soft to metallic shades of grey contacts. Our grey contacts having different diameter from 14mm to 15mm. If you are having high prescription, no worries, all of our grey contacts are available in prescription up to -6.00 or -8.00. 

Pictures as below are the grey contacts that we have for every occasion. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your cosplay costume, daily life, dating, vacation, heading to a party, or mix and match with your natural or smoky eye makeup, you might want to have a look our contacts here. All these lenses are sure to satisfy any lens addiction.


  • Realistic look - If you want to look more natural and transform your dark brown eye into light grey color, you will in love with our Pro Crystal Grey, Basic Pure Gray, Magical Glitter Gray and Glam Silver. These range of lenses are the most natural colored contacts for dark eyes. These grey contacts cover and blend well your natural eye color and give you new authentic real look grey eyes.
  • Enlarge your eyes - If you are having narrow eyes and want to enlarge your eyes, Premier Grey, Winter Gray, Cherish Gray and Blytheye Gray are your choice. These contacts make your eyes wider and bigger, they are made for big and dolly eye effect in diameter 14.5mm and 15mm which are larger than the normal contacts.
  • Anime look - We have a range of lenses inspired by an online game "League of Legends". Here is the awesome and sparkling effect contacts Coscon Anime Grey. This lens will give you an anime look and create a real dolly watery eyes. The animation grey contact lens is bold and would be great at completing an outfit for costume parties.
  • Toric and Hyperopia -  If you are having some degree of astigmatism in one or both eyes, Classic Gray, Concept Gray and Waltz Gray are your best choice. Kazzue designed toric lens that fits your lifestyle and gives you a gorgeous and trendy looking eyes. The toric lens are available up to SPH: -12.00 , CYL: -4.25, Axis: 180.

Premier Grey - 15m

Blytheye Gray - 14.8mm

Pro Crystal Grey - 14mm

 Cherish Gray - 14.5mm

Coscon Anime Gray - 14.5mm

Winter Gray - 15mm

Basic Pure Gray - 14mm

Glam Silver - 14mm

Magical Glitter - 14mm

Heavenly Cookie Gray - 14.2mm

 Toric or Hyperopia Lens - 14mm-14.5mm

Grey contacts on dark brown eyes give you a new realistic eye color with our natural range. Kazzue® contact lenses uses raw materials certified by KFDA and FDA. All the contact lenses are identified and authorized by prestigious agencies. So you are guaranteed to get a pair of contact lenses that feel light and natural.