Kazzue®  contact lenses are manufactured from South Korea that only uses raw materials certified by KFDA and FDA. All our contact lenses are  identified and authorized by prestigious agencies such as KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), CE (Conformite Europeenne) and KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice). 


Never once dissapointed with Kazzue color lenses. Love the new range - Fantasy in Blue and Green. Those are currently my top favorite! 

Jamie Lee (Arizona, USA)

Thank you for the fast shipment! I got my way parcel faster than I expected, and I love the free gifts that came together! :D  

Wale Z. (Singapore)

My new favorite circle lens brand. I always have sensitive eyes and could not wear contacts for more than an hour until I tried Kazzue contacts. The high moisture level allows me to wear them for 8 hours without any issues! 

Kylie Reanna (Ohio, USA)

I was so amazed at the package, really neat and came  with a bunch of pamphlet which is very useful! When I saw the lenses, I was mesmerized with the color and how accurate it is to the pictures. They are really confortable and I can wear it for hours without feeling anything! 

Dayna Lefebvre (Ontario, Canada)

 Got my Halloween white contact lenses with prescription here. Couldn't find any white lenses with prescription -7.00 anywhere else. Special thanks to Adeline that replied to my email on getting the lenses to me before Halloween. Kazzue customer service is fast and friendly. Will recommend my friends to purchase here too. 

Raquel Fernandez (Pontevedra, Spain )