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Congratulations On Getting Your First Pair Of Contact Lenses!

It's exciting time as everything is new for you to purchase a pair of contact lenses. It might be little scary for you too as the risk of wearing contact lenses cannot be totally eliminated even thought contact lenses are high-tech medical devices. We strongly advise you to visit a doctor / optician / optometrist before you have decided to buy the contact lenses. Not everyone can be benefited from the contact lenses wearing due to sensitive or redness.


There are few important tips you need to know :-

  1. Check out your eye prescription - you will need to know your eye prescription before getting contact lenses. First, consult your eye doctor or optician to do the eye check or examination. An eye care professional would consult if your eyes are suitable to wear contact lenses.
  2. Relax - inserting or removing your contact lenses may scratch your eyes if you are nervous or panic.
  3. Keep your contact lenses clean - customer who are first time wearing a contact lenses, remember to sock your lenses in the solutions more than 6 hours. Don't take a shortcuts with lens cleaning. 
  4. Keep your lens case clean - when insert your lenses on, please empty out the case completely, rinse with fresh solution and leave it uncapped and upside down, on a paper towel to air dry. Change your lens case every 3 months for hygiene purpose. You can also purchase lens case here.
  5. Avoid expiry date - please dispose the lenses when it is near to the expiry date. Do not wear the lenses after the expiry date. 


Read this INSERT AND REMOVAL OF LENS & IMPORTANT LENS TIPS  on for lens insertion and how to take good care of your.