Coloured Toric Lenses to correct your Astigmatism

Coloured Toric Lenses to correct your Astigmatism

Many people have some degree of astigmatism in one or both eyes, and some are actually born with the condition. An astigmatism means the cornea of your eye has an irregular shape that causes light to refract incorrectly, leading your vision to be blurry at any distance. For minor astigmatism cases, this may not cause any vision problems. 

An astigmatism may complicate your prescription, but this will not prevent you from getting a pair of colored corrective lens. Kazzue color toric lenses has a wide range of colors and a huge range of cylinder and axis options available. Kazzue Toric provide clear vision and an unobstructed, wider range of view than glasses.

Kazzue Toric specifically designed in 12 different colours that fits your lifestyle and gives you a gorgeous & trendy looking eyes. The toric lens are available up to SPH: -12.00 , CYL: -4.25, Axis: 180. Unlike regular colored contacts, Astigmatism Colored Contacts can secure clear vision only when its worn with perfect alignment of its axis.

An astigmatism is a symptom in which an image's focus differs by the angle of the vision's orientation axis. The image's focus in 80 degree axis and 180 degree axis are different. Therefore, Astigmatism Colored Contacts mark the axis degree in production. Only by choosing the right degree can the patients fully have their vision corrected. Careless choices in degree levels may cause even more blurred vision when worn, so people must always check the degree levels of the colored contacts. 

Here are the 12 different colours from Kazzue Toric :-


Toric Classic Grey


Toric Classic Brown

Toric Classic Black


Toric Concept Brown


Toric Concept Gray


Toric Melody Ash Green


Toric Legato Brown

Toric Sonata Brown



Toric Waltz Brown


Toric Waltz Gray


Toric Symphony Blue

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